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Infusion Center

We began seeing patients at our new location in Farmington on July 29, 2019.​

Parkland Infusion Center
1103 West Liberty Street
Farmington, MO 63640
Phone: 573.701.7273
Fax: 573.701.7275

The Parkland Health Center Infusion Center is a safe and comfortable setting to receive infusion therapy. Ambulatory outpatient services allow you to receive the services you need, without hospitalization or restrictions on your activity. The Infusion Center serves those 18 and over.

Our specially trained registered nurses and pharmacist prepare and administer the following types of services:

  • IV fluids for hydration
  • IV antibiotics—first time and daily doses
  • Injections
  • Transfusion of blood products
  • Accessing and maintaining port-a-caths; PICC line maintenance
  • Central venous access device management
  • Medication administration such as iron therapies
  • Rheumatoid arthritis/lupus treatment
  • Osteoporosis treatment
  • Crohns/ulcerative colitis treatment
  • Cortrosyn stimulation testing
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or one-time-only injection services

Our patients never have to feel alone in their care. We understand the importance of making patients comfortable and knowledgeable about their plan of care. Patient education and interaction are an important part of the services we provide.

Appointments are required. Services are covered by Medicare and other insurances. For more information about insurance coverage, call 573.701.7273.

Find a doctor or make an appointment:
573.431.3338 OR CALL TOLL-FREE 800.392.0936
General Information:
573.756.6451 OR CALL TOLL-FREE 800.734.3944
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Parkland Health Center -- Farmington
1101 West Liberty Street | Farmington, Missouri 63640
phone -- 573.756.6451