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Senior Support Center

Helping adults 55 and older who have an emotional illness.

Referrals & Admission
For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call 573.760.8342. Our staff is available 24/7. All information is completely confidential. We are located at Parkland Health Center, 1101 West Liberty Street, Farmington, Missouri 63640.

Direct Admission Process
Nursing homes, Residential Care Facilities and Physician Offices:
Please contact us at 573.760.8342 to learn about our direct admission process. This process makes it possible for your facility or office to admit a patient directly to our Senior Support unit.

About Our Services
As family members age, they may experience different types of stress. Losing a loved one and increased physical and mental challenges can lead to sadness and withdrawal. Persistent personality changes or unusual behavior may indicate your family member is suffering from an emotional illness such as depression.

senior support centerSigns and symptoms that a loved one may be experiencing an emotional illness include:

  • Insomnia or too much sleep
  • Poor appetite or overeating
  • Disregard for personal appearance
  • Sad or blank looks
  • Thoughts of suicide, social isolation
  • Forgetfulness or confusion

These symptoms are not normal regardless of age and should be considered an illness in the elderly. Most depression and other emotional illnesses in older people are treatable, especially if dealt with early. In addition to improving a senior’s outlook on life, therapy also helps individuals begin better self-care and compliance with the doctor’s orders, including medications.

How We Can Help

  • To stabilize the crisis, patients are hospitalized in a warm and caring atmosphere with 24/7 nursing care
  • Health professionals conduct a thorough physical and mental evaluation to help determine the cause of the behavioral and mental changes; this may uncover underlying, contributing medical issues
  • The staff works with the patient and family to develop a treatment plan based on the results of the evaluation; this may include counseling, meeting with psychiatrists, group therapy, teaching new ways to adapt to the illness and to stress and education about mental illness
  • Professionals determine an appropriate level of medication for the patient and instruct them on how to use it

You Are Not Alone
National statistics show that one out of four older adults suffers from serious emotional difficulties related to aging. Depressed older adults have the highest risk of suicide in our society. Nineteen million people will suffer from depression at one time in their lives. Of these, 80 to 90 percent can be effectively treated.

Family Plays an Important Role
When one person in the family suffers from a mental or emotional illness, everyone in the family is affected. We understand this and we can help family members express their feelings, learn new ways to cope with their frustrations, and participate in their loved one’s treatment plan.

Our family support groups establish the healthy communication channels that lead to stronger family ties and happier lives.

Returning Home
All therapies are designed to help patients return home and resume their lives as quickly as possible. Our social service department plans and coordinates care.

The patient and family work with the treatment team to develop an appropriate aftercare plan. Aftercare may include a day hospital program, a community-based program or outpatient therapy. In some cases, individuals may need a more supportive environment, such as assisted living, a personal care home or a nursing home. Our goal is to help maintain the progress that has already been made while in the Hospital.

Parkland Health Center
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Parkland Health Center
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