Cardiac Rehab Staff Teach Heart Health

PHC Cardiac Rehab StaffIn honor of National Heart Month, staff from the Huckstep Heart and Lung Center facilitated a series of classroom lessons to St. Joseph Catholic School students. The program covered heart health and how the cardiac system works.

"Whenever we presented the program, we covered the same subject matter," says Brenda Donze, RN. "We just provided more details to older students. "Each grade received information on reducing fat intake, heart-healthy menu planning, exercises for a healthier heart, and how smoking hurts the heart.

Students learned that the human heart has over 62,000 blood vessels and that an adult heart beats an average of 100,000 times per day.

A life-sized model of the heart was brought in for the students to examine. "It was funny to see their reactions to the heart model," says Donze. "Some gasped, others said that they just couldn't look." Students learned about the four chambers of the heart how blood travels through each area.

"Overall they were very knowledgeable for grade-school children," says Donze.